about me

As a Mystic and Hermeticist, I navigate life as an exploration through the enigmatic veils of the mysteries, offering profound insights into the human experience. From the onset, I arrived on Earth endowed with a multitude of psychic abilities, allowing me to perceive prophecies, psychological patterns, and the diverse timelines woven by our decisions.

Infused with the essence of alchemy and transformation, my life’s journey is an example of these profound principles. Emerging from the shadows that held me in psychosis, trauma, and a multitude of adversities, I transcended repetitive cycles, evolving into a newer, enlightened version of myself. With each transformation, my psychic prowess expanded, unveiling deeper layers of the “magic” innate within us.

Within the labyrinth of your mind and complexities of your ego, we will draw upon age-old wisdom and innate gifts as catalysts for your self-discovery and inner alchemy. This holistic approach fosters a space for embracing higher perspectives, healing thought patterns, and the ability to shift further into alignment with one’s elevated timelines.

Specializing in utilizing precognition and other clairvoyants to guide individuals through the intricacies of their lives, I aid in untangling the knots of your past and break free from repetitive patterns. With a unique ability to glimpse into one’s future and psychic behavior, I empower you with subconscious knowledge. Through this understanding, I help you to pave a transformative path toward rejuvenation, healing, and the activation of your higher timelines.

Believing in the power of self-exploration and self-healing, my role as a Hermeticist is to lead you into the depths of your mysteries. In working with me I will help you ignite into a deeper understanding of your own mind. It’s shadows, and the complex patterns hidden in your subconscious, and how they are all woven together from previous survival programming. You will then develop your own innate ability to exchange these thought patterns for ones that spiritually align with your higher self and the cosmos. Together, we’ll dust off your Philosopher’s Stone, align with your Dharma, and awaken your soul’s purpose.

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I am not a licensed medical practitioner and do not diagnose or treat medical conditions. My services are not a substitute for professional medical care, and I encourage you to seek appropriate medical attention for any physical or mental health concerns. By booking with me you understand you are responsible for your own care and the decisions you make.

Because this is a donation-based business no refunds will be issued. If you order a crafted item and it is delivered broken or lost, I will provide a replacement at no cost or a full refund.


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