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just a few of my clients’ success stories

Lilla D.
from Chicago, IL

I’ve been working with Marie as my 12 steps sponsor and I also have had the pleasure of getting a few intuitive readings from her. Marie is an overwhelmingly magical person and is incredibly “tapped in” to her guides and source. I love how her messages often present in the form of poetry and rhyme which is always playful but also very thought provoking. She opened my eyes to the power of the 12 steps program (which before meeting her honestly I held some stigma about as being just for alcoholics or drug users) and has been a compassionate and devoted sponsor to me on my journey. She has a way of telling you things that you knew (or half knew) already but in a new wording that really hits home and helps you move forward on your path! I would unhesitatingly recommend working the steps with her or getting a reading from her for anyone who needs a little (or a lot) of guidance on their path today.

Kate L.
from Helena, MT

Marie has been a gift to my life and to my personal healing journey. She showed me that anyone’s suffering, no matter how “small”, is still something that can be realized, validated and healed. I’d recommend her to anyone who is looking for a strong channel that uses tough love and a no BS approach to creating positive change. There have been times where Marie hit it right on the head, and it hurt a little if I’m being honest. But, the transformation that came after was something I’m deeply grateful for.

Brennan L. (Humming Void)
from East Lansing, MI

Marie is an excellent and unique tarot reader. She is highly intuitive to the point that the interpretation of the cards comes across immediately as poetry from her guides. When she read a Celtic Cross spread for me this resulted in the most entertaining and comprehensive tarot reading I’ve had. I highly recommend her services. you will not be disappointed.

Rayne B. (Fragrant Branch)
from Braddock, PA

Marie gave me the most insightful and amazing Akashic reading a couple months ago!! First I just want to say she is so kind, funny, and very easy to talk to, as well as being professional in her practice. So much of what was brought to light in our reading resonated with visions, dreams, and intuitions I’ve had, and other things we uncovered connected dots I was unaware of and opened new pathways to explore within myself. She helped me to have a better direction and intention in working with my guides, and she affirmed the work I have already been doing as well. Overall, I would recommend anyone needing guidance or a more in depth look into your soul’s journey to book a reading with Marie. I can only speak personally on her Akashic reading service but I guarantee with her expertise, intuition, and beautifully open channel to the divine, she can do it all!!! Would definitely come back for another reading in the future. Much love!

Mirko M.
from Bologna, Italy

I recently booked the Akashic Reading with Marie and I must say she really surprised me! She’s very kind and understanding, she listened to my doubts and various questions and came up every time with solutions and important insight for my personal growth. I strongly suggest you book yourself a reading with her!

Alex C.
from Tavernier, FL

I am so thankful that Marie entered my life. I had a tarot reading done by her. She graciously takes her time with me, hears me out, and validates me. I always feel empowered and excited for the future after speaking with Marie. She is such a gift to this world.

Sarah M.
from Pensacola, FL

The reading I received from Marie was more than I ever could have expected from a tarot reading. She shared with me so much insight and clues as to the current path that I am on, and she delivered to me messages from my soul-crew that I had previously been blocking out. I was moved to tears several times and was entirely amazed at Marie’s accuracy and intuition and how well she connected to my energy through the cards. This reading has brought much hope and clarity to my life, and I am looking forward to working with Marie in the future!

Ben M.
from Denver, CO

My reading with Marie was absolutely mind-blowing and transformative! She clearly has a very powerful gift and her link to the Records, and her connection to the spirits is truly profound. During the reading she knew things about me that she couldn’t have guessed, and the reading provided insight I’m still working from to this day. All of this was delivered in a compassionate, well-considered manner that made me feel seen and understood.


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