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Wisdomous Ways

The Principles of Hermetics The Alchemy of Us The principals of creation within this Demi urge, the mind within the mind of all, or as Hermes conveys, the Father, God, are what keep this infinite universe within existence. Is there existence outside of them yes, but we are not there so I like to keep the focus here because it helps us to navigate all the assisting frequencies and how they help one another achieve holy matrimony in marrying the divine feminine and divine masculine. Which is a huge upheaval we are all in, stepping into, and currently and continuously working. Principal #1 — The first principle of Hermeticism is known as the Principle of Mentalism, which states that "All is Mind, the Universe is Mental." This principle asserts that everything that exists in the universe, including the physical world, is a manifestation of the Universal Mind or the One Divine Consciousness. In other words, the universe is a mental creation of the Divine Mind, and all things are interconnected through this mental or spiritual medium. This principle implies that the universe is not just a collection of separate physical objects, but rather a cohesive and integrated whole, governed by universal laws and principles. It also suggests that we, as human beings, have the power to shape and transform our reality through our thoughts and intentions, as our minds are an integral part of the Universal Mind. We are creators, meant to be, always have been, and always will be. What we’re faced with now is uncovering that truth and You stepping into it! The Principle of Mentalism highlights the importance of understanding the nature of our own minds and the role they play in creating our reality. By developing a deeper understanding of our thoughts, emotions, and beliefs, we can begin to align ourselves with the universal laws and principles and manifest the life we desire. Now you may have caught the term Demi Urge earlier, that is the mind that encompasses the mind we are currently in and that is a whole rabbit hole I am still unpacking in being able to verbally explain outside of my own quote unquote brain. I actually mean mind, but I love the way words come out sometimes.   Principle #2 — The second principle of Hermeticism is known as the Principle of Correspondence, which states that "As above, so below; as below, so above." This principle suggests that there is a correspondence or connection between all levels of existence, from the microcosm to the macrocosm, and that everything in the universe is interconnected and interdependent. This principle implies that the patterns and structures that we observe in the physical world are reflected in the higher realms of existence, such as the spiritual, mental, and emotional realms. It also suggests that we can gain insights into the higher realms by studying the patterns and structures of the physical world, and vice versa. The Principle of Correspondence highlights the importance of developing a holistic perspective

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Sacred Stories

"Kintsugi & A Gold Mind"  I have slowly been getting every piece of life together and with that also this business. I have not generated the logo I envision yet; however, this AI depiction is insurmountably more beautiful in its complexity than what will eventually be a logo for me. There is a story here. I wanted an appropriate depiction of an important and motivating shamanic journey I went on. It was about 3 years into the mental and spiritual psychosis, the voi ces were just as loud, abrasive, and abusive as ever. I was seeking a deeper understanding and honestly, relief. I was constantly overwhelmed, break downs every single day multiple times a day, living in a mental hell and purgatory for years completely unrelentless in numerous ways. I traveled 244 beautiful miles to meet with an amazing Shaman, named Beatrice, with years of study and living experience. Beatrice also holds a Ph.D. and has accomplished multiple studies with various universities, some being in the field of neuro. This was ultimately what caught my attention and probed me to contact her for a consult. It was a dream and honestly a divine interventive gift to have found her when my previous years searches of finding a Shaman to communicate with turned up nothing. "Timing is Everything," screamed the voices in my head throughout the 2nd year of psychosis, that it truly is. To fulfill this part of my story to its authenticity I messaged 3 various Shamans I found, in deep desperation, 1 in VA, 1 in OH, and 1 in MD. Beatrice was the only one that responded to me, and the only one that needed to, she was who I was linked to see, gain knowledge, and heal through. I met with Beatrice a couple of different times, the 1st journey session was the most impactful of course, while the others were follow-ups. I had never experienced a Shamanic Journey yet was extremely excited and knew it felt promising. The ritual, care, attention, and overall time and space held in this journey was in a magnitude that I still struggle to find sufficient words for in the human language. It's a deep feeling of gratitude, love, and learning, not quite understanding, but an inquisitory learning of divine beauty. I admire her so very deeply and honour her so very graciously for all that she is and does to better serve her journey and others. Mine alone had to be difficult, but maybe not, she has her own amazing hero story to tell that makes holding space for stories like mine accomplishing and comforting. I laid there on the floor, with visceral physical responses, imagery in my mind, tears streaming down my face, eyes watering and even trying to hold them back so she wouldn't think anything was wrong. Her beautiful chanting, the indigenous instruments, the elements, and directions swirling around me in uniformed poetic versions catered to my ethereal needs. It was deep sovereignty led by a

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Connections for the Collective

References, Referrals, & Other Energy Light Crafters… This space is intended for all of the beautiful individuals I have either come in contact with or admire and have followed throughout my journey thus far.  Each individual soul enhances the beauty of connection between all of us. You will find an array of different readers, shops, healers, and other spiritual crafters.  Please use this space to connect openly and freely!  Please also contact each provider individually for any questions on their monetary pricing and energy exchange inquiries. *If you’d like your information for services listed here, please contact me.  Everyone is welcome & will be updated on a monthly or a bi-monthly basis! *READERS* Intuitive – Akashic – Oracle – Vedic – Aura – Art – Astrology HippyPippy Intuitive Reader  “Hi my name is HippyPippy. I am a free spirit who is in touch with my own psychic ability and yours if we connect through the mediums that I use. I love to give readings using my oracle and tarot decks of which I have many different sets for any issue you may want clarification on. I am offering donation or sometimes free readings as I believe I can help people with my intuitive skills. "Don't be pushed around by the fears in your mind, be led by the dreams in your heart" this is what I believe in. It's a two-way road so let's walk this road together.” - Pip   hippypippy111@gmail.com Sarah Anne Intuitive Reader “In my practice I use tarot as a method of communication, whether that is with specific beings and entities, or with the subtle energies of individual people. These readings are usually general to begin with, to allow space for any messages that may be trying to come through for you, and to allow aspects of your own soul and soul-crew to come in if needed, to relay important information. I am an advocate for the subtle, the forgotten, and the unheard energies, and this is reflected in the information that arises from these readings. All readings will be either typed up or recorded, and will be sent to you by email, along with pictures of the cards and any notes or symbols that may be significant. There will be space held for questions relating to the reading for one week after you receive your tarot reading.” -Sarah https://www.instagram.com/fortheunboundsoul/ fortheunboundsoul@outlook.com Kate Loble Intuitive Tarot Kate.loble@gmail.com Karen Rontowski Intuitive Reader/Teacher/Comedian/Podcaster https://www.karenrontowski.com https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/paranormal-karen/id1355169056 https://www.facebook.com/karenrontowski https://www.instagram.com/rontowski/ Marcella Kroll Psychic Medium/Artist/Creator/Performer https://www.marcellakroll.com Jessa Reed Intuitive Reader/Comedian *(If you don’t know who Jessa is then I’d love to know how you even got here.) https://www.jessareed.com https://www.patreon.com/jessareed/posts https://www.soberishpod.com Jocelynn Carothers Intuitive Reader “Whether you have a direction in mind or need me to find the one you’re looking for, I’ve got a spread with your name on it!” -Jocelynn https://www.facebook.com/jocelynnann0128 Phone/text: 267-346-1309 Brittany Porter Akashic Record Reader “Hello! My name is Brittany Porter and I specialize in helping you recognize your gifts, getting you

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