Connections for the Collective

References, Referrals, & Other Energy Light Crafters…

This space is intended for all of the beautiful individuals I have either come in contact with or admire and have followed throughout my journey thus far.  Each individual soul enhances the beauty of connection between all of us. You will find an array of different readers, shops, healers, and other spiritual crafters.  Please use this space to connect openly and freely!  Please also contact each provider individually for any questions on their monetary pricing and energy exchange inquiries.

*If you’d like your information for services listed here, please contact me.  Everyone is welcome & will be updated on a monthly or a bi-monthly basis!


Intuitive – Akashic – Oracle – Vedic – Aura – Art – Astrology

Intuitive Reader

 “Hi my name is HippyPippy. I am a free spirit who is in touch with my own psychic ability and yours if we connect through the mediums that I use. I love to give readings using my oracle and tarot decks of which I have many different sets for any issue you may want clarification on. I am offering donation or sometimes free readings as I believe I can help people with my intuitive skills. “Don’t be pushed around by the fears in your mind, be led by the dreams in your heart” this is what I believe in. It’s a two-way road so let’s walk this road together.” – Pip

Sarah Anne
Intuitive Reader

“In my practice I use tarot as a method of communication, whether that is with specific beings and entities, or with the subtle energies of individual people. These readings are usually general to begin with, to allow space for any messages that may be trying to come through for you, and to allow aspects of your own soul and soul-crew to come in if needed, to relay important information. I am an advocate for the subtle, the forgotten, and the unheard energies, and this is reflected in the information that arises from these readings. All readings will be either typed up or recorded, and will be sent to you by email, along with pictures of the cards and any notes or symbols that may be significant. There will be space held for questions relating to the reading for one week after you receive your tarot reading.” -Sarah

Kate Loble
Intuitive Tarot

Karen Rontowski
Intuitive Reader/Teacher/Comedian/Podcaster

Marcella Kroll
Psychic Medium/Artist/Creator/Performer

Jessa Reed
Intuitive Reader/Comedian

*(If you don’t know who Jessa is then I’d love to know how you even got here.)

Jocelynn Carothers
Intuitive Reader

“Whether you have a direction in mind or need me to find the one you’re looking for, I’ve got a spread with your name on it!” -Jocelynn

Phone/text: 267-346-1309

Brittany Porter
Akashic Record Reader

“Hello! My name is Brittany Porter and I specialize in helping you recognize your gifts, getting you on your optimal timeline, finding blockages, healing trauma, and mitigating anxiety and depression, through working with the Akashic Records. The Akashic Records are a vibrational record of all of your soul’s experiences through space, time, and dimensions. The records hold all of your thoughts, actions, feelings, and deeds from each lifetime. “A Google search for your soul.” A reading will align you with your spirit guides, teachers, and ascended masters for guidance, healing, empowerment, and conscious awareness. I will be using a combination of reading the records, oracle cards, and energetic healing techniques.” -Brittany

 Phone: 706.266.8381

Rebecca Williamson
Aura Reader (Painted)

“An aura reading is a snapshot in time that gives insight by giving a clearer picture of where you are at. Your aura reflects your personality and what you are currently concentrating on in your life.” -Rebecca

Vanessa Etherton
Intuitive Portrait Paintings

“Vanessa grew up in Pacific Northwest of the United States. She moved to Ireland with her dog in 2017 and has been there ever since. Her awakening began when she decided to quit her office job and pursue art full time. She is a Libra sun Aquarius rising. When she isn’t painting, she enjoys hiking, foraging, and sewing.”

Contact info:

Greyson Ersick
Intuitive Animated Art

“Channeled readings via intuitive animated art.” -Greyson

Shailesh Shaily
Prashna & Vedic Bhrigu and Bhrigu Samhita Leaf Readings

Erin Shade

Elise Edwards
Karmic Astrologer

Benjamin Mathews

Pea the Fairy
Spiritmasseur/Human Design Reader/Artist

Lacey Free

Witch/Holographic & Intuitive Reader

Girl and Her Moon
Tarot, Astrology, Energy & Soul

“Girl and Her Moon started in late 2018 and quickly expanded into what you see today – the leading online space for Soul.
With undeniable, deep, and wide-reaching impact, soul based service, and big dreams, Girl and Her Moon currently offers Tarot Readings, Astrology Guidance, and Soul Work.

With two driving purposes at the foundation of it all, Girl and Her Moon ultimately exists to serve. To be the mirror that reflects to you your innate magic, your unlimited potential, and your infinite Soul. If you only take one thing from Girl and Her Moon, let it be this; you are seen, you are never alone, and you are absolutely amazing.”

-Jordane, DilosH, Kapualani & Noush


Shamanic – Coaching – MAT – Reiki

Lilla Sparrow

“My Offerings are:

READINGS: I offer eclectic style card readings that intuitively combine oracle and tarot to answer any questions you might have, large or small.

MAT: I am a certified Metaphysical Anatomy practitioner and offer guided MAT sessions as well to help address and clear the emotional roots of your problems, whether they be physical pain or illnesses, financial issues, or emotional/family/romantic/etc.

SHAMANIC: I currently am shamanic apprentice with the Mondonac Center and offer advice and healing through guided journeying as well. I will also journey on behalf of a client if they desire.

CHANNELED ART: I hold an MFA from the New York Academy of Art and am happy to combine my skills to channel artwork for your question or situation. I will also channel poetry if you prefer a written medium.

IN PERSON: Last but not least for those in the Chicago area I offer in person hands-on energy healing. I am a Level III Usui Reiki certified and incorporate my knowledge of Thai massage and bodywork with the gentler practices of reiki and other energy healing to address your pains and problems head-on.” -Lilla

Jenn Alyse

Audrey aka: Prana Pixie

“Audrey helps women struggling with anxiety, chronic pain, & self-doubt to find peace & confidence. Through understanding the unresolved emotional root cause of these issues, we can all learn to let go of our past, self-heal, & move forward in life by embodying our authentic truth. Audrey supports you step by step through this process of becoming present & aware of what lies in our subconscious mind, and helps you take aligned action from what we learn.”

Yabette Swank
Artchemize Sessions

“Healing trauma stories and reprogramming life patterns through alchemical paintings.” -Yabette


Candles – Crafts – Rituals – Art – Paintings – Jewelry – Crystals – & More…

The Lost Faerie Shop
Candles/Art/Bath Teas/& More

They just recently expanded to a beautiful threesome team of two gorgeous women and one growing up to be, stronger than we could all imagine! All of their products are hand crafted and made with organic materials.  Just as all spiritual workers their items are made with pure energetic love, and just as all other spiritual workers their energy is uniquely present in their crafts and the hands that hold the DNA they craft with.

“This was all originally Rylei’s idea. After her tumor removal, she wasn’t allowed to do anything strenuous. So, we began crafting. It was Rylei that decided she wanted to run a business with her mom, so we made it happen! It is the neatest thing in the world, to make things that you love with someone you love to give to others with love.” – Whitley, The Lost Faerie Shop

Purchasing from this shop would bring your home and environment the type of energy that will provoke you to sing at the top of your lungs and test the acoustics in your home.  It’s the type of energy that will instill a stronger sense of kindness into your everyday living, the type of energy that brings wildness to your soul and will have you embracing your body to dance naked under the moon.  The feminine divine energy is so alive in this triple threat, and I myself look forward to their growth and the future products they will produce and create in success!

Shop Phone #: (681) 495-1117

Dawn Thiart

“I started painting during the year covid took over the world. It seemed to be the logical thing, to stay busy while staying at home. I feel strongly that women are understated, we have so much to offer yet it is not well recognized. My works talk to this, the beauty inside every one of us. The beauty that shines out from our eyes, through our smiles. We are all so unique, and this uniqueness should be celebrated. And that’s how my little business Whimsical Arty Things began.” -Dawn



Etsy Shop:

Michelle Kampbell

Ben Harley

Panxy Vibes – Yissel Manrique
Crystals & Candle Decor

Vital.Mystic – Camille
Astrologist & Ritual Artist

“Moon phased based ritual kits”

HandmadeByHanvee – Hannah

“Just a gal makin jewelry
commissions are open!”

Wishes and Wicks


Corey Boggess

Flawless Victory Investments – A Startup that helps new people with investing in stocks and crypto – not a licensed business yet.  You can join “Day trading stocks and Cryptos” private Facebook group or contact me on Facebook.  I offer free advice mainly, but the daily tips and live help costs a monthly fee – this is to text and talk to me whenever making a decision. Disclosure: I am not a financial advisor so this is not financial advice”- Corey